Happy Thursday, ninjas. You’ve now officially made it through the halfway point of your week, which means you’re deserving of a little present to yourself. Set down the chips, snuff out that one cheat cigarette, and pour out that lunch time beer, because we have something more deviantly satisfying than any of those, or even all of those combined.

With a swagger appropriate for her last name, London/Liverpool-based pop artist Natalie McCool is offering up a delectable treat which will most assuredly make the highlight reel for your week. Set to a simplistic electronic backdrop, thanks in part to Dave Berger from Outfit, “Pins” hums with delightful finesse. McCool’s vocals caress each digitally formed pop and clap, flirting in and out with the multiple arrangements of synths, all of which provide the perfect soundscape for the heart-grabbing lyrics.

You’ve stuck like a splinter in my finger
You know how much damage there is to be done
And so I have to take a hot needle to get in there
‘Cos you prick and chip away just for fun

Look for this tune to drop on her new EP sometime this year. From what we hear, it’s one not to miss.

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