Klaypex isn’t just a random assortment of letters, it is a kick ass DJ / producer duo from Miami! Their sophomore EP “Ready To Go” spans the EDM landscape with everything from dubstep to moomba to house, all the while keeping the smooth chord progressions, stuttered vocals and gritty bass lines rolling. We especially enjoyed the vocal stylings of Sara Kay on “Sunrise” and “Stars”. Nearly every track on “Ready To Go” features much brighter vibes than we are used to these days, which is a nice change of pace. All too often bass music can get too dark and gloomy, but the Klaypex dudes keep it fun and bright, probably as a reflection of the sunny place they call home. Still, they definitely know their synth programming and many of their bass concoctions are just as gritty as they are funky. If their songs tickle your fancy you can pick up “Ready To Go” on Beatport and follow them on Soundcloud for more Klaypex action!

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