When describing BANKS and her heavenly pipes at the imaginary TMN headquarters (perched atop the peak of Mt Kilimanjaro), we’ve tossed around the term “Goddess” more than once before, so it’s only fitting that the LA crooner has decided to coin that as the name of both her upcoming debut album, and lead single from that project. As a divine presence in our musical consciousness over the last year, the salacious singer has often stolen our breaths through a scintillating mixture of slinky vocals, raw, emotive lyrics and ambient textures.

Following much the same model with this one, the brooding BANKS imbues the mercurial Lil Silva produced instrumental with an almost hypnotic ferocity, as she acrimoniously belts out, “You’re fuckin’ with a goddess,  and you got a little colder.” The track is cold, calculated, and meant to serve as a fair warning for all the unappreciative boyfriends out there to get their acts together, lest they want to face the wrath of a goddess scorned.

Stream the mesmerizing new single above, and keep your calendars marked for September 9th, when Goddess is set to hit store shelves nationwide.

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