Gramatik has really set a new standard for relevance in an electronic music project this time. With the ultramodern hashtag title #digitalfreedom, Gramatik’s new masterpiece is dedicated to the invasive internet censorship laws that are looming overhead. Gramatik hopes to raise awareness against ACTA SOPA and PIPA and any other bill that wants to give corporations the power to regulate and censor the internet. Luckily there are also large corporations on the other side of the tracks like Wikipedia and Google, but its going to take an army to keep the internet free. What better way to rally the troops then to put out a bangin’ album!

In addition to its strong message, this album has some great tunes with real development to them. Along the course of the 5 song EP Gramatik effortlessly switches up between dubstep, glitch hop and nu disco, all with a signature swag all his own. Stepping up the energy level and the tempo on many new tracks, Gramatik explores new territories on this album and we’re all for it. Live tour member F.A.Q. adds some especially nice guitar lines to the mix and the entire album is organic and funky all around. With support from Pretty Lights Music on the release and a fresh national tour with Break Science and Paul Basic in the works, we’re confident Gramatik will be reaching massive audiences in the future to share his message with. In a real way he is has the power to affect the music industry he thrives in. That’s some realness if I’ve ever heard it. Be sure to pick up #digitalfreedom along with tons of other great albums for free on Pretty Lights Music.

06 Talkbox Intended.mp3

’06 Talkbox Intended.mp3′

Gramatik – Fist Up

’01 Fist Up.mp3′

Gramatik – Illusion Of Choice

’03 Illusion Of Choice.mp3′

Gramatik #digitalfreedom by Gramatik

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