It’s really difficult to develop and own a particular sound these days. There’s a saturation of producers making every genre imaginable, so it’s understandable that certain producers are going to sound similar. With that being said, Jack Beats is one of those producers that maintains their own unique style throughout everything that they do. Last year we got an insight into their production style with an exclusive interview at Beta Nightclub. They expressed how sometimes they develop a bassline or a melody that they feel might be a little weird, which is when they know they have something.

In this dual release you have two very different, albeit true-to-form Jack Beat sounds. “Just a Beat” has a more familiar sound when you think of Jack Beat’s usual work. It features a clean wobbly bassline, horns, and some creepy vocal samples. “Storm” which features vocalist Kid Harpoon offers up a much different listening experience than what we’re used to. The calming trancy progression and haunting lyrics are a refreshing change of pace. While the track is different, elements of Jack Beats still shine through.

Storm ft. Kid Harpoon’
Just A Beat’
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