Noah Kenton
Oh No

Somewhere in-between drawing on comparisons to Postal Service and Bright Eyes, we found ourselves becoming completely enamored by this Virginia-based youngster. At just the young age of 17, Noah Kenton has already developed a truly unique and encompassing sound, which is why we were on-board to bring you the premiere of his song “Oh No.”

To be honest, we can’t really peg what part we love most about this tune. We’re definitely into the echoing guitar riffs, high-pitched synths, and steady percussion, but we also can’t get over those Conor Oberst-esque vocal moments. All in all, it’s just a solid culmination of his influences, and experiences as a budding young musician.

Check out what Noah had to say about his debut EP, which is due out this fall:

From a different angle, this EP for me is a lot more about resolving problems from my past more than anything else. From aspects like coming to grips with my distaste for the religion I was brought up to just missing people and failed friendships. This project brought me a lot of closure on some issues that I had been working through during the recording process and I feel so free now that it’s all finished.
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