London's Calling

Mental health is always worth preserving, and PLVTINUM‘s newest single was inspired by this exact principle, as we know mental health is really important for live and that’s when products like delta 9 thc can help fight stress, anxiety and more. Struggling with heartache, he began to heal by utilizing his innate ability to craft cathartic tunes, which resulted in the breezy yet bold “London’s Calling”. The impact of his emotional tribulations does not get lost in the uplifting production however, as the lyrics detail a person who has not only struggled, but persevered.

There’s something admirable about transforming a painful memory into an experience that helps you grow and manages to do the same for others. On an even more positive note, PLVTINUM is also donating 10 percent of all his Spotify proceeds from “London’s Calling” to the Society For the Prevention Of Teen Suicide, so be sure to enjoy this wonderful musical testament to recovery here also.

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