Disco Fries have been shaking things up as of late. Their most recent release “Side By Side” on Enhanced Music may just be the best evidence of that fact. No genre is going to hold them tightly.

“Side By Side” sees Disco Fries getting quite poppy with their work. It’s not a cheeseball pop song, it’s actually a rather incredible tune that is more the duo flexing creative abilities instead of trying to catch a wave for marketing purposes. There’s been a whole lot of great tracks over the years from these two, but this is one of the best. Check it out below and make sure to grab a copy from digital stores.

We’ve been messing around with ideas for this song for years now and finally landed on this groove in the past few months. At this point our fans have come to expect curveballs with the music we’re releasing and it’s amazing for us to pretty much create and release within whatever genre we want without hesitation. Side by Side is the best example of that creative freedom.
Disco Fries

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