I Loved You

There’s something awe inspiring about stumbling upon acts already armed with a polished and mature sound. So when Bristol duo Blonde dropped their first single on FFRR Records “Foolish” and followed up with the incredible “Higher Ground”, it was fairly safe to say that we’d be on top of their catalog like an major league designated hitter at a PED convention. Okay, that may have been a bit much; but Blonde’s latest offering, “I Loved You” is, much to our delight, another carefully crafted dose of upbeat fizzy house goodness. Fueled by a prominent and soulful vocal from Melisa Steele, “I Loved You” plays as equal parts 90’s house anthem and present day club groover. The duo’s slick utilization of a carefully keyed lead piano harkens back to the earliest days of Chicago house, but is executed with a tad more luster and all of the intellectual melody we’ve become accustomed to. We’ve received word as well that after their incredible 2013-2014, the Bristolian tag-team are back in the studio working on a debut LP, which has us salivating like on of Pavlov’s Terriers. Stream “I Loved You” above and start your weekend correct with three minutes of bubbly house.

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