Play With You

Warner Music‘s Norway branch is putting out nothing but hits. It’s incredible. One of those hits is “Play With You” by Mugisho. This is the artist’s second upload to Soundcloud and already has the backing of a major label, for good reason.

Mugisho is just what the pop world needs, a genuine talent that has a knack for putting together quality records. Sure, Mugisho is just starting out, but there is something pure about his work, something that echoes from “Play With You” letting you know full well that he’s got plenty of other songs coming that will leave you speechless. With the obvious undertones of dance music with the production, Mugisho’s work will be able to captivate two of the most powerful markets in music, pop and, for lack of a better term, EDM. It’s only a matter of time before Mugisho pops off completely.

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