We have been blessed with another preview off of Wolfgang’s EP Love & War. This is the second track titled “Nuke” and features his signature sound design that hits at all the right times. The melody and some of the synths reminded me of “Space Junk” but tough to recreate anything that epic. This track should be on repeat just as much as the first installment, “Love & War”. This next track is off Popeska’s newest release titled KARAMATER and is a remix of “Now Or Never” and to be honest I’m having trouble deciding which of these two tracks I like more. Enjoy these previews and we will keep you posted on their releases. Cheers

To check out Wolfgang Gartner – Love & War click here.

’Wolfgang Gartner – Nuke (PREVIEW)’
’Popeska – Now Or Never (Wolfgang Gartner Edit) (PREVIEW)’
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