Natural E

Given that today is Valentine’s Day, “Natural E” you’d expect to come across a romantic ballad or two (I have way too much fun with puns sometimes). However, this valiant effort stands out from the pack because it comes from Xavier, a mysterious crooner that we’ve had our eyes on since we first discovered his debut single “Now” early last year. Though we still haven’t learned much about him in that time, we can now safely inform you that the man who shares his namesake with the wheelchair-bound leader of the X-Men is no one-hit wonder.

While his previous two releases–the aforementioned “Now” and “The Hollow“–seemed to follow the moody and provocative example of The Weeknd, this tune seems far more stripped down and sentimental. It’s in its simplicity where it succeeds, however. Xavier’s vibrant vocals provide substance to a delicate, airy instrumental provided by ODNY. The track itself is all about forgoing the use of any drugs, and receiving a natural high through certain other *ahem* methods. As we mentioned before, with this being only his third track to date, “Natural E” fits well into Xavier’s established catalog. Stream the track above, and make sure to show your support by purchasing  a copy as well. You won’t regret it later tonight when the moment’s just right.

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