The apple seems to fall from the tree. As the son of the well-known designer Tommy Hilfiger, Rich Hil drops some new tunes for the interwebs this week. Mixing dark tunes with his raspy voice, this singer croons over an atmospheric beat complete with snares and hi-hats on the single “Nomads”. Almost a drug-induced feel and vibe, it is only right that he recruits the talents of the drug-and-sex oriented Canadian singer The Weeknd to emphasize the “tortured-soul” vibe of Hillfiger’s rebelious son’s painful lyircs. A theme that can be heard throughout his entire debut album SYLDD. As a huge gift to the fans and a middle-finger to his record label, Hil released his debut album for free here, via Noisey.

’Nomads feat. The Weeknd’
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