Ro James is the next big thing in R&B. You just haven’t heard of him yet. It might seem like a bold statement to make, but once you listen to this track you’ll share the same sentiments. The New York crooner brings together a smooth blend reminiscent of classic 90’s R&B modernized with some atmospheric synths to propel it into the future. On the track, James really plays off the patriotism theme, as he takes an oath to honor his relationship with his lover, while employing such creative lyrics as “I wanna put your love in my pocket/So when I wanna use it I got it.” Ro James’ first single is truly a remarkable track, and has us all intently anticipating his new EP, Coke, Jake & Cadillacs dropping later this year. If you’d like a get a look at the man behind the music, check out the video below to get a brief glimpse into his life.

’Ro James – Pledge Allegiance’

[via Pop Drop and Roll]

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Ro James