Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross is the new ambient vocal project by Dexter Tortoriello of Chicago upbringing. His debut EP “Blow Remixed”, out now via Mad Decent, is self-described as “a melancholy familiarity, like going back to the house where you grew up and finding it the way you left it, only 10 years later and everything is falling apart”. This project is full of “sad bangers” for when you need some bass with your tears. With remixes along those same lines from JayceK, Stenchman, Arrange, The Get, Dntl and Shlomo this album might not get you amped up but its great for traveling or sorting through those emotions you have buried somewhere deep inside. Available on iTunes now. Preview below.

Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross – Blacks (Shlomo Remix).mp3

’01 Blacks (Shlomo Remix).mp3′

Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross – Blacks (Dntl Remix)

’02 Blacks (Dntl Remix).mp3′

Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross – Blacks (The Get Remix)

’03 Blacks (The Get Remix).mp3′
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