We are mixing things up a bit this month, moving the top 5 songs of our resident artist up to this week. Why you may ask? It is because Reza is coming to Colorado this weekend to play at a huge Music Ninja party and we are doing a face-to-face interview. So you will have to wait another week for that bad boy. But while you are waiting, grab these five favorite jams of Reza’s and turn them out loud because they are not songs to be messed with, enjoy.

Whoops – 12th Planet & Mayhem Feat Pennybirdrabbit
Next Order – Dog Blood
Black & White (Ft. Benny Banks) – Loadstar
Blow The Roof – Flux Pavillon
More Than You – Koven

’12th Planet & Mayhem – Whoops ft PennyBirdRabbit’
’Dog Blood – Next Order’
’Loadstar – Black & White (Ft. Benny Banks)’
’Flux Pavilion – Blow The Roof’
’More Than You by Koven’
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