During the continued rise of electronic music over the past several years, countless acts have attempted to take the basic facets of the genre and make it their own with little twists of psychedelia and the like. It’s a tricky endeavor, for sure, so we’re glad that bands like Blackbird Blackbird have joined in on the fun with songs that pick and choose the best styles to create something that is at once familiar and fresh. Though their debut doesn’t have any ceiling-shattering moments, it is unfailingly pleasant in its entirety because of its apparently innate carefree breeziness. The fact that most of the songs are two minutes or less in length only makes them sweeter in their apparent simplicity. Though it’s most often low-key, the music on here is memorable for its wistful, layered hooks and simple but affecting lyrics and instrumentation. Check it out! You can purchase the LP on their bandcamp page here. Read full review at inyourspeakers.com

Blackbird Blackbird – Sunspray

’06 Sunspray.mp3′

Blackbird Blackbird – Heartbeat

’09 Heartbeat.mp3′
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