Schlachthofbronx “Coolie Fruit” feat. Gnucci Banana from Man Recordings on Vimeo.

There are very few songs I can never get enough off. A couple years back I would put Miike Snow – Animal at least 30 times a day for a whole week. Then for a good while I could not get enough of Die Antwood “I’m a Ninja”, a song that rang very true to the blog, and now I am hooked on Coolie Fruit. German duo Schlachthofbronx have just released what many consider to be their best work yet with “Caribmo” EP on Man Recordings. Their style can be characterized as bounce/cumbia hybrid, oozing with heavy bass. “Caribmo” EP contains an array of great upbeat tracks, most notably “Coolie Fruit”, featuring the completely crazy and adorable Swede Gnucci Banana.

But wait, there is more, just a few days ago Los Angeles dj/producer Valentino Khan send us what is a perfect fit for the original with a strong and funky Moombahtoon remix. You can download the track off his facebook for a like.

Download for a Like:Schlachthofbronx feat. Gnucci Banana – Coolie Fruit (Valentino Khan Remix)

’Valentino Khans Coolie Fruit Remix.mp3′

And for fans that are also a fan of Miike Snow’s “Animal”… here is a little extra

Mash Up International & Gnucci Banana – Animal (Miike Snow cover) from Simeon Frohm on Vimeo.

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