Slow Dancing feat. Valair

One of the many blessings of this profession is being continually reintroduced to artists we love. While we’d love to keep tabs on every single musician that comes across our path, it’s simply not possible due to the sheer volume we’re introduced to. Today though, we’re certainly excited to once again cross paths with the elusive London producer SchulKid and Belgian vocalist Valair.

You may remember our premiere of their collaboration back in December of last year. What we came to know and love with “Wildest Promise” has come front and center with “Slow Dancing,” as we’re once again welcomed to this unique pairing.

SchulKid provides a luscious, layered backdrop for Valair in this tune. With cinematic sections of strings in the intro, upbeat drum racks, a club-friendly lead melody and bassline throughout, the vocals have the perfect accompaniment to allow them to shine. As an added bonus, they carry a perfect message for bringing the crowd’s need to dance to the forefront of their minds.

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