book club

This ninja might be in a Disco kind of groove today because there seems to be a common theme with the amount of funky hits we’ve posted today…or maybe it’s just a sign that it’s Friday and we’re ready to rip our work clothes off and get all fancy for the night. We’ve got a fun new tune from an unfamiliar artist around here who calls himself/herself, Book Club. With only one song to show, Book Club introduces us to a new side of Disco in which this style exudes the type of elements one would expect to hear underwater. With some funky Chromeo-style vocal chops, some incredibly fancy sounding synths, and a catchy melody, “Young Man At The Sea” keeps us afloat in this sea disco hit. Considering this is the only information we have on Book Club, we can only hope that this person continues to  take this new sound to an entirely new level of production.

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