Moonlight (Original Mix)

We’re no stranger to LA based producer Sam Vogel. Sometime long, long ago, we stumbled across his production skills with his remix of “Swing” by Savage. The only thing is, we hadn’t heard much from him lately, but there’s a good reason why. We previously were acquainted to Sam underneath the moniker Kid Ranger. Little did we know, Kid Ranger is now a thing of the past, welcoming in Jauz as his new identity.

When we asked this up and coming producer why he switched, this is what he had to say:

I basically knew the whole time I was at Icon that at some point a name change was gunna happen, just from how much my style/music/direction had changed. So, I spent about 5 months (before and after I graduated from Icon) finishing as many tracks as I could, and working on the branding/idea behind Jauz. I wanted it to be something that really portrayed exactly who I am as an artist.

Crackling with atmospheric elements, smooth and upbeat symbol work, and some lovely vocals, Jauz dials in a sultry vibe in his first original. This future garage inspired song has light fluttering synths that provide the perfect compliment to the soaring melody. Backed with a love trap style bassline, this is one hell of a original production, and has left us wanting more.

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