Sander van Doorn
Right Here Right Now (Neon) [February 10]

As we head into festival season, we’re all anxiously awaiting those monster vocal house gems that will get hands in the air, and mouths singing every last word. These are the types of tracks that festivals use on their promo videos, and there’s a really good reason behind that. They insight emotion. They create that feeling that you’ll expect to have, standing in the crowds, dancing your heart out. A few days ago, Sander Van Doorn dropped something that embodies this sensation.

Adding a new twist to his monster tune, “Neon,” Mr. Van Doorn has served up a larger than life track by adding in some emotion-rich lyrics. The original tune featured a gorgeous, uplifting melody, accentuated by classical strings, and a driving bassline worthy of the biggest stages. Coupled with these energizing and inspiring vocals, it’s a no-brainer to expect hearing “Right Here Right Now” throughout 2014. It’s due out February 10th on Doorn Records, so make sure to mark your calendar.

I want you to know now, that when the stars come out, I wanna be with you.
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