Morgan Page
In The Air

Morgan Page is one of those household EDM names that you can’t help but get excited about. With a long list of impressive releases and sets at every major night club and festival, an interview with this storied producer is always something to look forward to. As the imposing Skylab party launched in Denver just a few weeks ago, we were happy to take a moment to sit down with the Vermont native before his insane 3D set up.

TMN: Hey Morgan! Thanks for taking some time to sit down with us today. Welcome to the Mile High City, a place you’re very familiar with. Your set at Red Rocks two years ago was definitely one of our favorites!

MP: Awesome. Thanks a lot.

TMN: Alright, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. You brought with you a 3D visual system for your set tonight, something you just started playing with recently. Explain what exactly it is, and what brought it about.

MP: Basically I wanted to do something different than everyone else was doing. No DJ has brought hi res 3D LED wall on tour. Primus has brought a wall, so one band has done it. But we heard about it and thought, “this could be a really cool vehicle to express the songs, use it with lyrics, immersive landscapes.” I wanted to take the music to another level. And it’s crazy because it might change the way I compose music. It’s like a festival at an IMAX.

TMN: This tour you’re in the midst over spans 55 cities across North America. That’s a pretty daunting number. How do you prepare yourself from being away from home for that long?

MP: Ignorance (laughs). I don’t know. I’ve never done a bus tour before, of any size, so there’s been lots of fights. It’s very different. You go to bed, you wake up in the next city. I prepared as much as I could, but it’s the only way to bring the 3D wall, merch and production out.

TMN: Do you have any rituals on the road our fans should know about? Any superstitions?

MP: You know, nothing weird. I try to stay healthy so I try not to drink too much, I try to eat healthy. Nothing really that weird. I’m a runner, so I like to get out and run around the city.

TMN: What’s your go to meal when traveling city to city? Do you keep it healthy, or do you indulge after a long night behind the decks?

MP: Greek salad with chicken. Sorry, I don’t have a really cool answer for that.

TMN: Alright, let’s chat about these artists that you hand selected for this tour. On select dates, fans can expect to see Audien, Beltek, Maor Levi, Project 46, Topher Jones or Walden playing with you. How did you go about selecting these guys?

MP: They’re all guys that I respected and enjoyed their productions. I wanted to give them a little boost, and have a team of people on the road. It gets annoying traveling by yourself all the time. I usually travel with a tour manager, but I thought it would be cool to have some like minded people on the bus. Maybe we’ll get some music done.

TMN: Aside from those guys, who are some of your personal favorite artists?

MP: I love all the contemporary guys like the Aviciis, Swedish House Mafias. Denzel Park is really good.

TMN: Out of all the cities you’re hitting, are there a few highlights you’re really looking forward to?

MP: This is definitely one of the biggest ones. New York…I like doing all the big cities. But I like the small towns as well. Albuquerque last night was crazy, crazy. I like cities that are just into it. They don’t leave anything at the door. Like El Paso is a good example of a city that’s just is relentlessly into the music.

TMN: Alright, let’s talk about your music now. You recently re-did an 80’s classic, “Your Love” by The Outfield. Did you reach out to them to work with Tony Lewis, or was it vice versa?

MP: I just heard it in my head and thought that it would be really cool to do. He happened to have the same publisher, so we just thought it would be cool to do a modern remake of it. They covered their own song.

TMN: Are the vocals from the original, or were they recreated?

MP: They’re new. It sounds like a remix though.

TMN: Alright, we have to know. It may be like picking your favorite child, but we’re going to ask anyways. You’ve had a bevy of amazing releases throughout the years. Is there one in particular that stands out in your mind?

MP: Uh. “Longest Road” or “In the Air.” “Longest Road” just reminds me of that tipping point where things just started to get crazy. When Deadmau5 remixed that song it was just like, off to the races, you know?

TMN: You have a list of accolades including IDMAs as well as a few grammy nominations. Is there one that you’re particularly proud of?

MP: Definitely the Grammy. That’s awesome. There’s only a limited amount of music that gets in there.

TMN: Alright, we have to ask you a little about your upbringing. What were you like as a kid? When did you find out that you were musically gifted?

MP: I grew up away from the suburbs. I grew up literally in a log cabin on a dirt road. Music was the thing I wanted to do. I didn’t want to do sports, although I was forced to do sports and stuff like that. But yeah, I was an only child in Vermont, and music was my companion. I started doing it when I was 12.

TMN: And what was 21 year old Morgan Page like?

MP: I’ve never been that rowdy. I’ve always been kinda shy. It’s weird though. You go from this isolated, quiet place in the studio to tonight in front of 10,000 people.

TMN: Speaking of 21 year olds, you’re heading over to Beta after your set here at Skylab. That club seems to be the darling of the EDM world. What are your thoughts on it?

MP: I love Beta. The scene here has been so healthy for so long. Before EDM was as big as it is now, it’s always been big here. It’s just awesome.

TMN: Alright, at the end of the interview we like to switch it up a little bit and ask you some random questions.

TMN: Who would you least like to cross paths with, Walter White or Dexter?

MP: Dexter. Yeah.

TMN: What would be the least likely ending to Breaking Bad?

MP: That he lives.

TMN: What was the first album you purchased?

MP: First CD was Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Blood Sugar Sex Magik.

TMN: Beatles, Stones or Led Zeppelin?

MP: Between the Stones or Zeppelin

TMN: If your music were an animal, what would it be?

MP: Mountain Lion? I don’t know. (Laughs)

TMN: If you were on Death Row, what would your last meal be?

MP: Sushi. The best sushi in the world.

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