::Instant body shivers up and down your spine::

Might want to put on something spicy before listening to this song. Oh this song, this sexy, seductive, dreamy song that brings about so many irrational emotions it’s insane. Florida artist JMR released his single ‘Shivers’ today and it is everything sensual and then some. His deep and intoxicating voice tells the story of a man and a woman who are in the throes with one another. But just when his deep voice has tugged on your heartstrings, he takes it an octave higher to instigate the moments when the girl is telling her man to take her for everything she has and is. With a quiet melody of electronic beats to back him up, JMR shows why he is could be called a crooner of his day, with a voice that carries the dream like feel of this song from start to finish, he is sure to send shivers everywhere on your body.

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