A tad disappointed with the soundtrack of Chuck Season 4 Episode 4 Versus Coup D’Etat. Only note worthy song I would have to say is the General’s rendition of “Besame Mucho”, the famous Spanish song written in 1940 by Mexican songwriter Consuelo Velázquez and covered by almost any Spanish speaking singer.

Andrea Bocelli – Besame Mucho – (Video here)

However, if you are still interested in knowing about the other tracks, continue reading after the jump

Girls – Laura
Chuck & Morgan review tape of Chuck’s almost proposal

La Tropicana Orchestra – Tropicana
General’s video message to Devon & Ellie

Santo & Johnny – Sleepwalk
Sarah tries on outfits for trip and asks Chuck his real reason for the trip

Jesús Alejandro “el Niño” – Rebulu
General comments on Ellie’s pregnancy & intros the group to his wife

Lewis LaMedica – Without You (as Heard On Las Vegas)
Big Mike watches Morgan kiss Alex

Richard Ashcroft and the United Nations Of Sound – She Brings Me The Music
Chuck tells Ellie that he is looking for their mother; Chuck hears Sarah tell him she would say yes to a proposal

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