Still Woozy

Although we normally associate Mondays with dread, the optimist inside tells us it’s an opportunity for a fresh start. Today, we’ve got a premiere that both literally and sonically embodies a sense of new beginnings. Still Woozy is a new project from Oakland’s Sven Gamsky, who’s voice you may recognize from his work as part of Ninja favorites Feed Me Jack

“Vacation” may just be the perfect single for introductions–easing the listener in with an inviting guitar loop, minimal percussion and breezy vocals. As the song develops, however, electronic layers begin to seep through starting with a fluttering vocal chop at the first chorus. Wobbling synths follow shortly after and by the time the song comes to a close, the listener is fully enveloped by a blissful sonic eruption. The masterful progression of “Vacation” make it a truly transformative experience without any abrupt or jarring bridges–by the time you reach the finale you might wonder how you got there in the first place. The more you listen, the more the journey begins to reveal itself giving it endless replay value.

Take a trip with this one above (or below if on mobile) and keep your eye out for more music from Still Woozy.

PS This track was premiered live on Music Ninja Radio. Listen to the entire episode including an interview with Still Woozy here. 

For mobile viewers:

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