Gatsby (Official Single)

Grab the surfboards, a cooler full of beers, and all of the necessary accouterment to make some s’mores. LA quintet Cre·scen·do are bursting onto the scene with a sound perfect for a day or night at the beach.

Their debut track, “Gatsby,” features all of those notable surf-rock elements that are always make you want to move to LA, whether you actually like the city or not. The guitars are have that delicate wavering distortion, creating a dreamy, laid-back vibe that’s primed for your warm weather endeavors.

Comprising of Gregory Cole ( vocals), Josh Skinner ( Guitar), Ava Yazdani ( Drums), Jade Kim ( Bass) and Jesse Roberts ( Synths), the band is revealing their debut full length this summer, just in time to populate your playlists. ‘Gatsby’ serves as wonderful first taste of this brand new act. Speaking on the track, front man Gregory Cole states:

I was writing the song in my bedroom and the instrumental spoke to me. It asked me to deliver lyrics with a light at the end of the tunnel. After a few takes I developed the melody, and the name “Gatsby” was the first thing that popped out for it , along with the forgiving and acknowledging lyrics. I haven’t even seen the movie nor remember the book, as far as I felt then and now the name could be male or female. I hoped like all the songs, this track could be therapeutic to the people.
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