I Don't Know

As if pre-destined for major motion pictures, “I Don’t Know” possesses an undeniable charm that makes us want to give up music blogging, instead looking to a career in screenwriting. In an enchanting progression through this five-minute, cinematic musical journey, we can’t help but think of a drizzly day on the streets of our nation’s capital.

Nick Hakim is back, and he’s brought his glorious voice with him. In this latest release, out today, this DC-based crooner has pulled out all the stops. With a haunting bassline, light flicks of the guitar and an eloquent twinkling of the ivories, this story comes to life. The instrumentals are more than enough to hook our minds and hearts, Hakim sends us into another world with his sometimes smokey, yet always refined vocals.

If you’re looking forward to the fall months and the chilly weather that accompanies them, make sure to bookmark this page. This tune begs for a glass of something stiff and some grey, rainy weather.

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