Club 8
I'm Not Gonna Grow Old

The second taste  from Swedish indie-pop group Club 8‘s forthcoming album Above the City, “I’m Not Gonna Grow Old” sees them move away from the darker, italo-disco sounds of previous single “Stop Taking My Time” and more towards straight 70’s disco meets 80’s synth-pop. Lead singer Karolina Komstedt’s delicate, but dignified vocals soar sky-high above Johan Angergård’s focused production, and why shouldn’t they? Throughout the past decade the duo has proven a mastery of a multitude of pop sub-genres and “I’m Not Gonna Grow Old” is no different. Above the City is due out May 21 through one of Sweden’s most reliable indie-pop labels Labrador Records, and as a Ninja hook-up you can pre-order the release here. Just try not to release your inner late 80’s Madonna while grooving to this one if you’re in public… or do because we love that kind of thing.

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