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[Moombahton] ShiShi – Look Me In The Eye (Feat. BAER)

Look Me In The Eye (Feat. BAER)

The producer ShiShi has been all around the world growing up. With that being known it should come as no surprise that his music has influences from all across continents. Just take his new song “Look Me In The Eye” featuring BAER as an example.

From the get-go you feel as though you’re not going to get the typical music experience. BAER’s infectious performance is beyond fantastic, leading the track forward from the start with grace. ShiShi already has the dembow going, but moves to full on moombah with the drop. He brings his own flash and flair to the song, establishing his own space within the genre. He doesn’t keep things quite so straightforward either, so have a listen and see where ShiShi takes you. Want a copy of the song? Grab it here today.

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