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[Underground House/Techno] Beyønd. Collective – Homies ( VA Compilation)

The Beyønd Collective has recently become one of the main features in the Denver nightlife, helping maintain the ever-evolving underground scene. Gabriel Tavarez is at the forefront, with duties starting from the ground up, literally.

Forming with a few others, Tavarez laid the foundation with smaller venues and late night parties. Now, the collective has climbed to the top, throwing events at all the best venues in the Denver underground music scene. Through all of that pavement pounding, hand shaking, and efforts to connect with all walks of life, Beyønd Collective has continually evolved. Next up? Starting their very own record label.

To launch the label, they decided to do a various artist compilation of their closest friends, aka Homies. With each track, you’ll get a taste of what’s brewing up with some of Denver’s like-minded artists. Each track is a free to download, so be sure to snag a copy of every single one you want.

Track list:
1. Incoming Swing by The Anubis
2. Mencius by Black/Tuesday & Chklte
3. 1991 Booty by Buck David Music
4. Prospects by T-Rx
5. Dame Todo by Stranger on Public
6. How’s Music by Sergio Perez
7. Magnetic by Léon Kadillak
8. Together by Cruz Ctrl Music
9. Resonate by Diego Santana
10. 281 by Charlie Morris
11. Steps by Hippusher
12. Don’t Fall Asleep by Kyle Rossignol
13. Rabies by N.I.Q. ( Niq )
14. Shadow Eyes by Astronoize

”Incoming Swing’ by The Anubis’
”Mencius’ by Black/Tuesday & Chklte’
”1991 Booty’ by Buck David’
”Prospects’ by T
”Dame Todo’ by Stranger On Public’
”How’s Music’ by Sergio Perez’
”Magnetic’ by Leon Kadillak’
”Together’ by Cruz Ctrl’
”Resonate’ by Diego Santana’
”281′ by Charlie Morris’
”Steps’ by Hippusher’
”Don’t Fall Asleep’ by Kyle Rossignol’
”Rabies’ by N.I.Q.’
”Shadow Eyes’ by Astronoize’


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