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[Techno] Klön – Coil


There is a brand new artist on the scene that goes by Klön. The Melbourne producer kicked off his project with the smooth single “Coil” that showcases his tech-savvy sound. As if there weren’t enough great Australian acts, we get yet another one, but we are hardly upset about it.

“Coil” does everything right. Although it is a lengthy single, as most techno is, it never reaches a point where things get dull. It’s pace and groove keeps your ears entertained and your body in motion. Klön’s songwriting is masterful; the structure of this track was put together with a meticulous precision that is lost in other producers. We don’t usually get too excited over projects like this, but Klön has us all worked up. See if “Coil” tickles your fancy just as it did ours.

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