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[Future Bass] ILIVEHERE. – Coming Home

Coming Home

The good people over at bitbird dropped a hot one today. ILIVEHERE. came out with the heavenly single “Coming Home” to give fans something to enjoy on Valentine’s Day. The blissful feeling this song exudes is akin to the same feeling you get when you come home to the one you love.

As you would imagine, “Coming Home” is one of those songs that takes a hold of your heart – and your ears – and doesn’t let go. A great song has strong emotions; this one is more than a great song. The celestial synths feel as though they are overtaking you, encompassing your existence and fueling your mind and body with raw sentiments of warmth and comfort. It’s the perfect song to cuddle up next to your significant other with tonight as the sun goes down. Don’t take them for granted and don’t do the same for “Coming Home.” Download it today.

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