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[Moombahton] Bad Royale – Company (feat. Hashim & Darnella)

Bad Royale
Company (feat. Hashim & Darnella)

Bad Royale are about as legit as it gets. They have their own style – which is expansive – they don’t care for music trends, their branding is on point, their merchandise is top shelf, and now they have their own record label, Rude Mood.

The group’s first release on it is “Company” which features vocalists Hashim and Darnella. Caribbean Bass is what Bad Royale are calling their sound, but the thing is that it can be applied to a number of genres, this time around it is closely aligned with the classic moombahton style. “Company” is the perfect release to kick off the group’s new venture, bWeecause it expresses not only where they came from but where they are going. A number of moombah/pop crossover songs have been huge hits all over the world, and we’re just waiting on when one of Bad Royale’s pops off on that type of scale. Grab your copy of “Company” on iTunes today.

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