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[Music Video] Kuerty Uyop – Dirrrty Dance

Every Monday you need a little something out of the ordinary to put a smile on your face. We have just that. The duo Kuerty Uyop, one half Scottish the other half Italian, bring a silly music video for their single “Dirrrty Dance.” If you’re not the best dancer, you’ll learn some moves today.

“Dirrrty Dance” is a unique tune in and of itself, without even diving into the music video. It has a positively weird vibe, mixing Miami electro with some European flair. Moving to the music video, we essentially get a breakdown of some classic maneuvers that you can bring to your next event that will certainly make you stand out. This whole package, although unconventional, is entirely entertaining. These two are looking to make their way over the pond, so we’ll see what else they have in store in the new year. If you want to add this funky tune to your library, head over to iTunes.

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