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[Chill] Illenium – I’ll Be Your Reason

I'll Be Your Reason

Denver-based producer Illenium has made a name for himself on Soundcloud over the last year or so as a leader in the sub-genre of EDM that’s been dubbed “future bass.” Although it’s become a rather overcrowded space, Illenium has distinguished himself with a marked versatility and diversity in sounds earning himself a release on Skrillex‘s Nest HQ.

Departing from his typical production style, “I’ll Be Your Reason” displays exactly what it is that makes Illenium stand out. Rather than go for a trend or generic production style, the San Francisco native teams up with Irish singer/songwriter Eden to create an atmospheric, chilled-out production. Even with its somber undertones, the track still breaks into a chorus reflective of Illenium’s style making for an interesting juxtaposition that pairs relaxing melodies and downtempo vocals with heavier bass elements. If you’ve had a long Monday, this should help you unwind but is equally fitting for a post-work or study drink. Unwind and grab a free download above.

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