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[Electronic/Indie] OddKidOut – Full Circle EP

The Full Circle EP from OddKidOut is more than a simple collection of six singles. It’s a declaration, a beacon of light coming straight from Philly, the birthplace of Neo-soul; a place that hasn’t paid enough attention lately to it’s musical child. OddKidOut’s goal with this project was to push the neo-soul sound to new heights from his and the genre’s home.

Full Circle is a smooth soiree of sounds that move fluidly between each other. Although OddKidOut and producer 1403 were aiming at neo-soul, they don’t exclusively stay within the genre, bringing different moods and textures to the table with each song. Favorites that we’ve been playing out in the dojo are “Angel Dust” and “Wonderfull” but “30,000 Feet” and “Blush” are quite seductive as well. Like what you are hearing? Get a copy of Full Circle off iTunes today.

Our mindset on the EP was to create music that was true to us. We didn’t want to create something that everyone has already heard before. Drawing on inspirations from space, the sea, and many more, we were able to effectively create a project that had influences from a plethora of concepts.

’Thoughts (Intro) (OddKidOut + 1403)’
’30,000 Feet (OddKidOut + 1403)’
’Angel Dust (OddKidOut + 1403)’
’Blush (OddKidOut + 1403)’
’Wonderfull (OddKidOut + 1403)’
’Back to the Sea (Exit) (OddKidOut + 1403)’
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