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[Trance] Duderstadt – The Orange Theme

The Orange Theme (OUT NOW) [High Contrast Recordings]

Need something to get your heart pumping? Whether you need some energy to party, or finish off studying for finals, “The Orange Theme” should do the trick. The original from the German brothers Duderstadt is an incredible trance production that takes influence from outside styles to spice things up. High Contrast Recordings released this single on May 4th, so it is now available on Beatport.

“The Orange Theme” sounds like it definitely belongs in a movie, and we’d fair to say that is going to happen in the future. It has an iconic sound that takes a dip in the second chorus to a more dark, progressive style until things are brought full circle with the return of the original synth line. Duderstadt hopped on the radar in a big way with this track, so stay tuned for what is to come from these brothers.

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