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[Trap] Wilsonn – Touched

Not only did Wilsonn recently drop a new single, but also a mixtape. We have both for you today, the first being “Touched” and the second being the twenty three minute “Idiocentric” mix. Together they serve as a one-two punch from Wilsonn to end your day well.

“Touched” is a twerk-centric trap tune that isn’t just all about getting booties shaking. The song does have an emotional edge to it, fusing sounds together that you wouldn’t necessarily think to go together, but Wilsonn makes it work. With his mix, Wilsonn flipped some of his favorite producers’ works and packed them all together in one impressive mix. It may be short, but it’s not all about length, right? *cue giggles*

”Idiocentric” mixtape’
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