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[Moombah] Jay Fay – It’s You (feat. Jessica Vox)

It's You (Feat. Jessica Vox)

Hats off to Jay Fay who just dropped a moombah bomb on the world today. I would say rest in peace, but instead of killing, all this explosion will cause is ravers to go bonkers. “It’s You” plays with the more electro side of the genre, with vocals being provided by Jessica Vox of Miami. Moombahcore records like this don’t come by often anymore, but there is the commencement of some new life within the 110 world. Jay Fay will no doubt contribute to that, since he was one of the guys who originally got some of us ninjas into the genre a few years ago. “It’s You” is a fresh reminder that 110 is not a bad place to be producing records at. In kind spirit, Jay is dishing this original out for free.

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