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[Trap] Dirt Monkey & Jantsen Launch New Soltri Project

Dirt Monkey and Jantsen have always been some of the most talented creators in Colorado. That says a lot given the state’s lengthy roster of high quality musicians. They’ve collaborated in the past before, but now are launching a brand new project called Soltri.

With Soltri, these two are aiming at fusing styles from all around the globe with their savvy bass sensibilities. Take for instance “Booty Bounce,” a culturally diverse tune that shakes up what you had in mind about world music – and even dance music for that matter. Soltri are doing what very few others are even attempting and they’re succeeding in a big way. “Booty Bounce” is just the beginning, as the guys have their heavier single “Wicked” that rounds out the EP. In the overall scope of the project, this is just the beginning as this EP is Pt. 1. Get your copy of it today on Beatport.

’SOLTRI – Booty Bounce’
’SOLTRI – Wicked’
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