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[Electronic] Ninth Parallel – Infinitum

Ninth Parallel

Just when you may have thought he was gone for good, Ninth Parallel returns. Designating ther right amount of time to create and diligently following the most natural process possible is instrumental during an absence, and that’s exactly what is portrayed with “Infinitum”. Throughout the entire seven minute creation, you’re guided into a nostalgic journey of hard-hitting electro, ethereal and bright melodies, and an emotional appeal that hearkens back to the heavier material from Porter Robinson‘s early work. Ninth Parallel supplements the tune with a heartfelt note, stating:

I went through a lot of dark depression, anxiety, and turmoil while writing this song. It fundamentally changed me as a person and as an artist. My experience with it over the past two years changed my perspective on how to treat the process of writing music, how to trust myself better, and how to feel fulfilled doing what I love to do.

Even with what some would call an “older” sound, “Infinitum” doesn’t flinch its ability to make you reflect on a different time in electronic music and even a different time in life entirely. Sometimes the most unlikely things from the past make you optimistic about the future. “Infinitum” is also available on Spotify.

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