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[Music Video] Santino Corleon – No Baby Momma

Every American’s guilty pleasure, the Maury Show – or Jerry Springer if you’re feeling extra rowdy – has just inspired a dope music video from Santino Corleon. His track “No Baby Momma” off his Therapy LP received a rambunctious music video treatment that we can’t get enough of her ein the dojo.

The actual “No Baby Momma” song is a hip-hop treasure, blending in comically playful elements to an otherwise hard-hitting heater. With the music video we get a taste of the Maury show alongside other imagery centered upon Santino. This is one of our favorite music videos of recent memory – it’s accessible, engaging and a whole lot of fun to watch. Having the song be incredible also helps the project. Enjoy this one and make sure to check out Santino’s full LP on iTunes.

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