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[Future Funk] Wet Paint – Showstopper

Wet Paint

“Showstopper” is the newest single from the funk brothers James Gaudet and Dan Shanahan who go by Wet Paint. Their works like “Gold Lights” and their remix of “Spotless Mind” have already proved to the world that these two are here in a big way and they are bringing some special talents to the table. Their latest work, released for free by Otodayo Records, may just be their best song yet too. If you came to us and said this wasn’t your thing, we’d have a hard time believing you. I mean for one, who doesn’t like funk? Secondly, although this is branded as future funk, the sound caters to fans of glitch, electro and moombah to various degrees. “Showstopper” has been released in anticipation for a small tour that the two are embarking on. If you would like to see dates and purchase tickets, you can head to their Facebook page.

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