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[Pop] Lenii – Sober Dreams

Sober Dreams

The 20 year old Lenii is kicking off her career with a major single called “Sober Dreams.” For being so young, Lenii is quite mature on top of being a very talented artist. On top of singing, she’s quite the producer as you get to experience with her debut record.

“Sober Dreams” is clearly a pop record, but underneath it all it takes some influence from around the dance music world, breathing future sounds into the mix for a super fresh hit. One thing is for sure: Lenii has a ton of potential. She could very easily get to the top of the music industry in a hurry. We’ve only heard one song so far, but it’s enough to know she’s got a lot more goodies coming. Only time will tell, but for now enjoy “Sober Dreams” and get your copy today.

Sober Dreams is about being there for a person through ups and downs. It’s about listening to others and healing ourselves through ambition and thinking more consciously.
– Lenii

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