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[Music Video] SOKOL – Russian Doll

“Russian Doll” is the latest single from producer/composer SOKOL. With the cinematic, ethereal single comes a music video that is equally as touching. Together they work to stimulate the senses in a unique way. The song’s calm, but impactful sound is reminiscent in the music video’s character, one that juxtaposes black and white imagery with bursts of color. It’s a project that is more than meets the eye – and ear – so have at this one and pick apart the details. If you’re looking for a copy, “Russian Doll” is available on digital platforms today.

The song is about how people deal with pain and emotions and how we react to them. In a world of instant access and information overload our senses are becoming dull. The only way to re-access one’s emotional state and deal with pain is to turn into oneself.

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