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[Future] FRND – Sticks And Stones

Sticks And Stones

FRND‘s first track was an undeniable hit. Although the LA producer just released his second single, the success of it with fans has yet to be determined, but nonetheless, “Sticks And Stones” is another hit.

With “Sticks And Stones” we get a more future pop sounding record that is like some of the dance music that has been making its way onto the radio. However, I would even say this stands out above a lot of those same records that are on the airwaves. FRND is quickly becoming a massive force to be reckoned with and has potential to do some really astonishing things. FRND may only be two tracks deep in his career, but he’s already managed to sway fans and industry figures alike with his top-shelf tunes. Stream “Sticks And Stones” now and see what the producer had to say about the song himself.

Sticks And Stones is about ending a relationship but the more you try to move on, the more you can’t forget. You go through the motions of shutting someone out but they are still that one person you can’t let go of.

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