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[Trance] Tom Colontonio – 7 Years

Tom Colontonio, the celebrated trance DJ and producer, is back with his latest single, “7 Years.” This track marks a beautiful addition to Tom’s catalog, showcasing his ability to seamlessly blend modern electronic sounds with the timeless elements of trance music – the man knows how to keep his sound relevant while paying tribute to the golden era of the genre, so to speak.

Released under the label subculture, a subsidiary of Black Hole Recordings, “7 Years” is set to make a splash not only in the space of the trance community but also a wider audience. Tom Colontonio’s commitment to his craft and his unique approach to trance music have solidified his place at the go-to figure within the genre.

“7 Years” comes on the heels of Tom’s successful collaboration with trance maestro John O’Callaghan on “Reality.” With this new release, Tom reaffirms his status as a stand-out in the trance scene. The track goes hard from start to finish, the technicality and ambition being a major highlight of the experience.

Tom’s musical odyssey began at the age of 14. From there, he explored various genres, from rock to classical, but it was the allure of dance music that truly captured his heart. In 1996, he took a significant step by acquiring his first set of turntables, setting him on a path to becoming a trance luminary.

Throughout his career, Tom Colontonio has garnered support from renowned artists like Giuseppe Ottaviani, Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, and many others. His impressive collaborations span prestigious labels, including Armada, Vandit, Monster Tunes, and Black Hole Recordings.

“7 Years” isn’t just a track; it’s a reflection of Tom Colontonio’s journey, innovation, and the enduring essence of trance music. As always, Tom pushes the boundaries to ensure his sound remains fresh while honoring the genre’s roots. With “7 Years,” he invites us all to join him on his latest sonic adventure.

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