Throw Some D's (Jordan Postrel Remix)

It’s not too often one of Luis Vitton’s male runway models breaks away from their daytime gig to pursue a career in production. As a matter of fact this is the only time that has happened, but for the club faithful, it was a well executed move by 21 year old house producer Jordan Postrel. After years of production and a residency at Club Hollywood in Milan, Postrel has recently relocated to Miami, placing himself smack dab inside on of the world’s largest and cutthroat electronic music communities in order to flex some production muscle for a much larger audience. His latest remix effort comes on Rich Boy’s classic hip-hop club hit “Throw Some D’s”, but Postrel takes the tune much further into booty house territory. Pitching down the vocals and bouncing up some synth while scooting the beat to a four-to-the-floor rhythm have morphed “Throw Some D’s” into an underground gem fit perfectly for any dance club. As an even greater treat to our DJ friends out there, Jordan Postrel is giving the track away as a .wav for those who want to hear this one played out on the biggest possible PA’s one could find. Check it out above.

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