The Sleep Millennium
The Sky Is Zero

Before you press play, go ahead and throw on some blue tinted sunglasses, fire up the lava lamp, and partake in your favorite adult indulgence. The Sleep Millennium is bringing you a taste of the psychedelic 60s, shaded with modern production techniques that will fuse music nerds from past and present.

This is the first single from this brand-new act from Portland, Oregon, which brings us yet another reason to hail the Pacific Northwest. In addition to tasty craft brews, top-notch wines, and the legendary Voodoo Donuts, “The Sky Is Zero” expresses another layer to the culture, and counter-culture, that’s so well defined up there. It’s slow-building, providing a perfectly dreamy build up with delightfully hazy guitars. Booming percussion comes in at about the 2:00-minute mark, giving way to a spiraling crescendo of powerful lyrics and layers of entrancing instrumentals.

As you enjoy this tune, know that it’s the first time the planets have aligned in over a decade. Coincidence? We’ll let you decide. As far as the rest of the debut EP goes, you can expect it on February 26th, 2016. It boasts strong messages of heartbreak, struggle, and triumphs – something we can all associate with.

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